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Perfect C - Testimonials

Bunnies Celebrate Perfect C.....

"Perfect C was a HIT at Hugh Heffner's Playboy Mansion private party."
Leather and Lace Party October 9th 2010

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Customer Testimonials..

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Claire -Devon ::

Happy Days - Claire Devon

Teal Arnold

Teal Arnold - Top USA TV PRESENTER

Just to prove to you that Perfect C works I'm going to take of my shirt so that you can see what Perfect C has Done for me.
Teal Arnold
Before Perfect C I was embarrassed to wear a bikini like this. because ... Well ... there wasn't really anything there. Now I've got larger natural breasts and they are getting even bigger as I stay on Perfect C
Teal Arnold
Remember ...
Perfect C Costs a fraction of implants
There is NO pain, risk, or surgery

Teal Arnold USA - Big thank you to Perfect C Director - Stephen Mack


Erica - USA Fan of Perfect C

"I've actually been taking Perfect C for about seven months now and six weeks in I realized my bra's were getting a little fuller and I was getting a little more snug in my outfits. But it wasn't until about three months where BOOM. My bra's were fitting. I had to get a bra size up actually. I had to tell everybody about it. Perfect C look..... I've actually already recommended Perfect C. My Moms already taking it. And I've got a couple of friends trying to compete with me now... SO I'm gonna have to keep these babies going."


Kenerly - USA Fan of Perfect C

"Perfect C has been awesome for me. Its given me boost and the confidence that I've needed. The boost and the confidence in my breasts. And you know what? I feel I have that perfect beach body now. I have the butt to match the boobs. Absolutely I would recommend the Perfect C. Especially for the women that have that smaller frame that don't want to do that breast augmentation. Because its that little bit more dangerous. The Perfect C is that much more natural and definitely something that they should try."


Kristy - USA Fan of Perfect C

"I started using Perfect C because I wanted a real confident boost. I wanted to look full in my bathing suit, in my clothes, my bras and everything. I've been taking Perfect C for lets see, about two months now, and I noticed results in the first month. my bra's started to look more fuller and I had a big lift."


Melanie - USA Fan of Perfect C

"I've got my youth back. I've got what I had when I was twenty. And I just feel fantastic with it. And I can wear my old clothes. And I can feel confident, and I can go out. Its great! Perfect C worked for me! I would recommend Perfect C. I've actually recommended it to a couple of them already and they have started taking it too. Hopefully they are pleased with their results like I am."


Stephen Mack -
CEO of Perfect Look & Health Ltd

"When I first heard about the concept of ladies taking capsules to increase and firm their breasts ...You can imagine my reaction ...being the sceptic I am .

I thought nah no way......

But when I researched and found out the ingredients we were going to use were totally natural and no known side effects I decided to persuade my wife and a few of her friends/customers to try the product and when I literally saw the results - I remember my wife and 3 of four ladies all achieved great results .. that was it - I was convinced.

However I do strongly believe that results can not be guaranteed and no lady should go on the product if they can afford to take the risk that it might not work for them and be prepared to stay on for 6 months.

We as a company want the ladies to get great results as we need the PR stories as most people are skeptical, just like my wife and I were.

The marketing side, and the promotional side really did excite me as I realized after talking to so many of my friends.. That many women, just don't want to go under the knife.
They want to be able to enhance and enlarge themselves but without the fear and the expense, of surgery.
And I think for a lot of ladies that feel that way it has got to be a tremendous alternative. Bearing in mind its not a great expense in relation to the costs of having surgery and the potential side effects.

We really do feel strongly that there is an alternative to going under the knife. And yet it may be great to have surgery but I'm sure that in many cases people are doing it for the wrong reason. And if perfect C can help you. Well I'll be really happy for you."


Cornelia Zicu - International beauty Expert

"Cornelia was recommended Perfect C by a friend, She used the Perfect C for just over three months, which resulted in:
1. Increased one bra cup size.
2. Improved skin texture

Cornelia Zicu is recognized internationally as a beauty expert with her extensive knowledge of beauty and skin care. She has developed treatments and skin care products containing only natural ingredients. Cornelia is the founder of one of New York’s finest beauty and skin care establishments


Kate - Before & After
UK Fan of Perfect C

"I have just finished a 3 month course of Perfect C and am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have gone from a 32A to a 32C and couldn't be happier! I have always had to depend on padded bras but now I am confident enough to throw these away. After a month I began to notice a difference, and by 2 months I had gone up a whole cup size. Now everyone can't stop staring and one friend who I hadn't seen for a while even asked if I had had a boob job! I really can't recommend Perfect C enough and couldn't be more thrilled with my new curves.
Best Regards,

Rachael - UK Fan of Perfect C

"Perfect C is a great natural alternative to having surgery - I would recommend any lady to try a 6 month course ---- Rachael ( North Yorkshire )"

Testimonials from Hong Kong:

Joyce, Age 35, HK

"During the first month of taking Perfect C, I noticed my sleep quality improved. In the second month, I can feel the firmness and have to switch from B-cup to C-cup bra to adjust for the growing bust line (increased by 4cm). That feeling brings me back to teenage when my bust first develops. Now I feel more confident in wearing low-collared and fashioned clothes."
Before 2 months after
joyce Before Joyce 2 Months

Mary Lin, Age 30, HK

"I have been taking Perfect C for 3 months. Even though on the photo, my breast doesn’t look so full, however, I felt much firmer within 2 months and my breast doesn’t drop any more. My health is also better than before."
Before 3 months after
Mary Lin - Before Mary Lin - After

Peggy, Age 30, HK

"I tried Perfect C for two months and my breasts became noticeably fuller. I reccommend Perfect C to all ladies needing something more"..................
Before 2 months after
Peggy Before Peggy After

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