OLD Testimonials

Product : PERFECT C
“A well-balanced formula that does the job!”
I’d been looking for a natural breast enhancer for quite a while as many of my clients wanted natural firm looking, and sometimes, larger breasts without resorting to plastic surgery.
Obviously before I recommended this product to my Harley Street clients, I needed to know that it was effective as well as safe, so I researched the ingredients. Although most of the ingredients I knew of due to my naturopathic and herbal background, it was the combination and action together that interested me.
Also, I always tend to try something out before recommending it and after childbirth and breast-feeding, my usual pre-birth perky boobs could also benefit from some TLC, I was a good candidate and decided to give it a go.
In conclusion : A well thought-out balanced and synergistic blend, which has not only the ability to increase breast size and firmness but has many other positive health care benefits for women. So far, my clients who are taking Perfect C are experiencing excellent results and are delighted!
- Clare Harvey, naturopath and beauty specialist in Harley Street, W1


Product : ALL IN ONE
I have been utilising Vascular Natural All in One for over three years in my practice with impressive results. I have approximately 2000 patients currently on Vascular Natural All In One for control of their cholesterol with about an 82% retention rate.
- Dr Eisenberg, Cardiologist

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about three years ago. In my case the cause was genetic so adjusting my diet and taking up exercise didn’t help at all. Since I wasn’t keen on taking conventional statins, I thought I’d give All In One a try. It promptly brought my cholesterol down from 7.1 to 5.1, and had absolutely no side effects. I was amazed it worked so well so quickly and it has continued to do so. I have since recommended it to other family members, too, including one in Australia.
- J Bailey, London

I have had high levels of cholesterol since around the age of forty. In 2015 at the age of 49 I had a blood test to reveal my cholesterol had gone up to 8.1. My doctor prescribed me Simvastatin/Zocor.

After taking it for only a week I started to get extremely bad leg and body pains, so I was advised to stop it and was then prescribed Atorvastatin/Lipitor but unfortunately, I experienced the same body pains and headaches.
I was advised to carry on taking the medication with the hope the body pains would gradually decrease and eventually disappear. I did carry on for a further two weeks, but the pains did not stop, and I was also experiencing restless legs syndrome especially at night, which kept me awake. All these symptoms were making me very unwell.
I decided to stop taking the statins and to look for alternative natural remedies as I have never been keen on taking prescribed medications.
It was then that I discovered All in One in an article in the Times newspaper. I started the All in One in July 2015 when my cholesterol was 8.1 and by January 2016 my cholesterol had decreased to 6.6. I continue to take it at a maintenance doseage of 2 tablets per day.
I highly recommend anyone to take the All in One cholesterol lowering capsules. They give you none of the horrible side effects that prescribed statins do. I will continue to take the All in One as an ongoing maintenance for my cholesterol. I am truly blessed because the All in One has changed my life for the better.
- S Duggall, UK



I am 38 years old and live in London. I love keeping fit, run every morning and have applied to run the London Marathon again next year. I started taking Perfect Aloe Matrix supplements when I was told they boost the immune system and help with general health. Each year in the colder months I suffer with nasty cold/flu symptoms but found to my delight that since taking Aloe Matrix I sail through winter feeling fit and healthy. I am positive this is due to taking these supplements daily over the last few years. So thank you!
- Assam, Marathon Runner

I was diagnosed 25years ago with Crohn’s disease. After having awful side effects from prescribed drugs, i stopped taking them. I read about Perfect Aloe Matrix in the newspaper and starting taking 4 caplets to begin with and dropping down to 2 a day when symptoms had calmed down. It has been a total game changer for me. If I have a flare up I increase my tablets to 4 per day. I would not be without my Aloe Matrix.
- Anne, Scotland

Product : PAIN NO MORE

With ageing painful joints, how blessed that I was introduced to Pain No More massage Lotion! It’s by far the best product I have ever used, giving great relief of pain and stiffness.Definitely increases my mobility.
I highly recommend this product. 
- Hazel P