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Customer of Pure-Co include major league footballers, rugby stars and leading athletes.

3 months supply recommended for best results.

Recommended dose:
Up to six times per day

A unique lotion combining collagen with aloe vera, Pure-Col, PainNoMore™ relieves pain from the outside in.

A favourite of athletes, sports people and regular gym goers seeking quick-fix relief from sporting injuries, PainNoMore™ comes in the form of a massage lotion and, on application, induces a deep-heat type sensation.

This unique combination of aloe vera (an effective anti-inflammatory) and collagen (ideal for maintaining joint, muscle and bone health) provides immediate pain relief naturally.

With a diverse list of celeb athlete followers, Pure-Col has already made its mark as the leading sporting supplement for maintenance.. The likes of Nikki Diamond (aka Scorpio from Gladiators) and Becky Lyne (Female Athlete of the Year 06) have used the product with great results.

Packaged in a 100ml tube, this product is easily transportable, slipping into any bag. Simply apply a thin layer to where needed and gently massage until absorbed. Use for a minimum of three months for effective and long-lasting results.

PAIN NO MORE helps relieve

  1. Muscle and joint aches and pains
  2. Sore limbs including the feet
  3. Neck tension and headaches
  4. Cramp (do not use if pregnant)
  5. Burning leg sensations
  6. Sinus relief and chest congestion (simply add to a bowl of hot water and breathe in the vapour under a towel)
  7. Before and after sport & exercise (to relax muscles and prevent stiffness)

    Proprietory Blend of Ingredients :

    Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond) Oil, Dimethicone, Gltcerol, Methyl Salicylate, Stearic Acid, Ceteareth-25, Gaultheria procumbent (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil, Phenoxytol, Hydrolysed Collagen, Menthol.

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