Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony
Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

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3 months supply recommended for best results.

Recommended dose:
Two capsules for daily maintenance
and 2 – 4 capsules daily for more severe conditions.

A great mood and hormone balancer for women of all ages suffering with PMS and menopause, providing a natural soya based alternative for those wanting to maintain a feel good factor.

List of Benefits :

  1. Ease hormonal imbalance
  2. PMT, Peri Menopause & Menopause symptoms
  3. Balance mood swings
  4. Relieve stress
  5. Relieve tummy pain and cramps associated with PMS
  6. Relieve hot flushes

Proprietory Blend of Ingredients :

  1. Soya Isoflavones
  2. Chaste Tree (to regulate mood swings)
  3. Red Clover (to regulate hormones associated with PMS or menopausal symptoms including period pain)
  4. Wheatgrass
  5. Spirulina
  6. Vitamin E

Perfect Harmony provides the ultimate mind/body boost.

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