Pure-Col Collagen
Skin Rejuvenation

Pure-Col Collagen <br> Skin Rejuvenation
Pure-Col Collagen <br> Skin Rejuvenation
Pure-Col Collagen <br> Skin Rejuvenation
Pure-Col Collagen <br> Skin Rejuvenation

Pure-Col Collagen
Skin Rejuvenation

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Customer of Pure-Co include major league footballers, rugby stars and leading athletes.

3 months supply recommended for best results.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in abundance in our body. It makes up a huge part of our skin, nails and hair. It is the building block of the skin. The substance that gives our skin its structure and quality, comes from collagen. Collagen is the polypeptide that is made from several amino acids and it is found in the connective tissue, skin, bones and cartilage.


Collagen Vs. Gelatin: What’s The Difference?

Collagen – It is a protein found in our body that is made from amino acids. Our body creates its own collagen but it can be aided externally by using collagen supplements. Collagen supplements are called hydrolysed collagen. It is different from what the body naturally produces. Hydrolysed collagen is closer to gelatine where in the process requires the additional input of water to create hydrolysed collagen. Since the hydrolysed collagen is broken down version of collagen, it becomes easier for the body to digest and absorb its nutrients.
Gelatine – A derivative of collagen, gelatine is also an amino acid that is highly beneficial for the human body. When collagen is heated at a high temperature, it converts to gelatine. The main difference between hydrolysed collagen and gelatine is the process that creates them. Hydrolysed collagen is completely hydrolysed, whereas gelatine is partially hydrolysed. This creates a gel like substance that is not completely absorbed as collagen

Pure-Col Collagen Benefits

  1. Healthier joints & muscles
  2. Bone healing
  3. Stronger hair & nails
  4. Hydrating & toning skin from within
  5. Strengthening internal skin has been helpful for Leaky Gut, IBS problems
  6. General well-being
  7. No additives or fillers
  8. Unique patent for higher absorption  

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